My Current Workout Program


One has to be very careful while selecting a workout program. Initially you can do what your trainer is asking you to. If you do not have a trainer you can just follow a program from the internet. There are several blogs that can help you with this.

But as you get more experienced with this, you should try to learn about creating the right program. Every person’s body responds differently to a certain workout. Exercises that work for a friend might not work for you the same way. Thus you should eventually be able to create a program that could give you the results you need. Some muscles of your body might be growing slower than others. So, you should start focusing on them more. Now if you want to know about the workout program I am using, the details are given below.

The details of my workout program

Before we get started you should know that the workout described below is created with the aim of a bigger and leaner body. If you follow this you will have to go to the gym 4 days a week and spend about 90 minutes there on average. You will be working for both gaining bigger muscles and losing unwanted body fat. It goes from Monday to Thursday with rests on the last three days of the week.

Day 1: The workout starts with some cardio. First I get on the treadmill and run for around 1 km with speed varying between 10 and 14 km per hour. After than get on a cross trainer and spend around 5 minutes on it with your best speed. Then comes the time for spinner where you again spend 5 minutes with your best speed. Now that your body has lost enough calories, do some stretching and get to the weights section of the gym. The first day is obviously about the chest. There is no better way to start than the famous bench press. After that there are flat bench dumbbell press and inclined dumbbell press. You can end with inclined cable fly and pec-deck machine. You need three sets of all exercises and 10 to 15 reps in each set. Keep the weights on the heavier side.

Day 2: Again you should start with the cardio in the same way. There is no change at all. After cardio your body needs some stretching and you get to the weights section. Second day of the workout is dedicated to your shoulders. If you want the cannon ball shoulders you need to focus on all four sides – up, front, side and back. The barbell shoulder press is one of the best exercises for up muscles. For front muscles you can do a front barbell raise. For sides you will need lateral raises. Now if you want wide shoulders lateral raise is the exercise for you. So try to lift heavier weights. In the end you can do a bent over real delt raise for the back side.

Day 3: Like every day, you start with the same cardio. In the weights section today is about arms. It is not a secret that every man wants huge arms to show off. For this you will have to focus on biceps, triceps, forearms and wrists. For biceps you can start with the good old standing dumbbell curls. After that there are hammer curls and the E-Z barbell curls. When this is done you get over the triceps. For that you have triceps pushdown and reverse grip triceps pushdown. You can end with a seated triceps press.

Day 4: The last day of workout starts with a the same cardio that ends with some work on abs. There is nothing better than crunches for that. Today will be dedicated to back. You should start with a barbell deadlift. Then there are bent over barbell rows, wide grip pull ups and close grip pull down. In the end you can do something for your legs if you want.


The conclusion

If you follow this workout you will be able to lose weight and build bigger muscles at the same time. But you will have to be strict about the diet to get visible results.

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