How I Eat To Gain Weight?


Obesity is a very big and common problem, and that’s why almost person knows a little about losing weight. But when it comes to gaining some weight, hardly anyone knows what to do. If you want a bigger and muscular body, you need to know the secrets of weight gain. Now it is obvious that you will have to work hard in the gym to get bigger muscles but you will also have to focus on the diet. No exercise will be able to help you if you are not getting the proper nutrition. Many experts say that exercise is 30% and diet is 70% important for the fitness of your body. Thus, to help you out with your diet for weight gain, here are some useful ideas.

Tips for weight gain

Before getting into the exact details let’s first get an overview of the things you need to do in order to gain weight.

  • Eat more calories than your body needs. You might have heard this advice many times before. Most people neglect it as it seems to be very impractical at first. Eating more than you need is never a good idea. It only makes you uncomfortable. But that happens when you increase the quantity of food. If you can eat 4 slices of pizza, you will feel discomfort if you eat 6 or 7 slices. You do not need to do that to gain weight. The point here is to increase the calories, which you can do without increasing the quantity. Just eat the food with more calorific value. There is no need to overeat. You will not feel any discomfort by doing that.
  • Your meals should be nutritious. Calories are actually unhealthy for you if other nutrients are not in your meal. You will only gain more unwanted fats than you do muscles. Thus, you should also take proper amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Only then you will be able to get the perfect body shape that you have always desired.
  • Lift as heavy weights as you can. It is an obvious fact but still unknown. If you want bigger muscles you will have to lift heavy. And you might think that the weights you lift right now are heavy enough, but they are not if you are not getting bigger. So, keep increasing the weights gradually until you have reached the right size. It will obviously be hard and sometimes even painful. But once you start getting visible results, you will start enjoying it. Also it will automatically make you eat more.
  • You will have to take some fats too. Many people when trying to work on fitness just remove fats from their diet. That is not always a good idea. Fats are bad for you when in excess, but they are also essential for your body to function properly. So, you should switch to dietary fats and stop eating the kind that is bad for your health.
  • Some supplements will also help. There are many weight gain supplements in the market today and all of them work well. However a few of them have a lot of side effects, so you should stay away from them. The best way is to consult your trainer before you buy any of these products. You can also carry out some only research before making the decision.

Tips for your daily meals

The tips for weight gain are useful but ultimately you need to know what to eat in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Only an expert dietician can prepare a perfect diet chart for you as per your needs. Here are just some basic ideas.

If you work out in the morning, breakfast should be your heaviest meal of the day. You should have a protein shake, some eggs and the rest according to your taste. In lunch you can eat brown rice or something else healthy. Dinner should be very light and an hour before you sleep.

The conclusion

There is no secret about weight gain. You just need to eat healthy diets, lift heavy weights and take some good quality supplements. It just depends on how good you do these things.

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