About Me

Hi, I am Foto Sanchez and I can proudly boast my wonderfully chiseled body. I can wear whatever I want and be active the whole day long. But it was not always the same.

I am a married man and have a beautiful wife and three very naughty yet adorable boys. My life was good but one thing that was always a thing of concern was my weight. No, I was not overweight rather I was under weight. I am thankful to my wife that she overlooked my thin body and loved me for the person I was but I personally wanted to become the man with a body that every woman desires for.

Yep, that’s me.

I was so slim that I hesitated in going to the beach. I could not even think of wearing fitted T-shirts and had a hard time at shopping as my size wasn’t available in most of the stores. My wife always told me that she loved me but I knew that in some secret corner of her heart she always wished that I had a muscular body.

It was going to be our 10th wedding anniversary and I wanted to give my wife a gift of life time. A lot of credit goes to the blog about body building that I read on Body Building blog. I joined gym and followed all the instructions of my trainer who was a dedicated professional. This transformed my life as well as my whole body. My trainer helped me gain the muscle mass in right places and gave me the look I desired for. Now I am not only a muscular man but also feel more energetic throughout the day.

Had not I read that blog on body fitness I would have just remained the same slim person throughout my life. Such blogs that inspire people towards a better life are the need of the day and must be written so that more and more people benefit from them.